With its numerous culinary, medicinal, and therapeutic benefits, we can say that ginger is a miraculous spice. Native to Southeastern Asia, ginger has been a common ingredient in these parts of the world and has been valued for its culinary, medicinal, and aromatic properties.
A Study Proved That Ginger Can Heal And Remove Prostate Cancer, Ovarian And Colon Cancer. Much Better Than Chemo!
Used as both a spice and herb, ginger is packed with active ingredients beneficial for the body. It can provide a number of benefits and treat numerous health issues, and recent studies show that it can be beneficial even in the case of cancer.
Initially, ginger has helped a patient who suffered from cancer to treat nausea and inflammation during the treatment. But now, it appears it can do even more!
The Georgia State University conducted a study examining the effects of the ginger extract on living cells. It was found out that the ginger extract can induce growth-inhibition and death on cancerous cells while not harming the healthy cells. Compared to modern chemotherapy which in some cases can increase the rate of metastasis and cause cancer to appear in other organs that have no relation to the organ being treated, ginger has no side effects.
Dr. Raghu Kalluri who worked on an unrelated study at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston said that whatever manipulations they are doing to tumors can accidently do something to increase the tumor numbers to become more metastatic, which is what kills patients at the end of the day.
The researchers at George State discovered that ginger extract shrunk prostate tumors in mice by 50%, while providing antioxidants and reducing inflammation. There are 17 additional studies that proved that ginger is related to anti-cancer benefits. Other studies proved that this nature’s most powerful medicine is beneficial in the treatment of 101 other diseases.
You can enjoy the benefits of ginger in numerous ways: extracts, supplements, and teas or you can eat raw ginger to quickly obtain its healing powers.
Anti-Inflammatory Juice Recipe with Ginger
  • 1 tablespoon organic ginger root powder
  • 2 organic cucumbers
  • 2 green organic apples
  • 2 handfuls organic spinach
  • 4 stalks organic celery
  • 1 organic lemon
Add fresh turmeric (and black pepper for absorption) to relieve muscle soreness

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