When a building has been damaged by a flood, the level of contaminants reputable online pharmacy reviews present in the air and dust increases and they form a toxic chemical mixture and toxic ingredients known as mycotoxins that remain on spores and fragments of mold released in the air.

To make matters worse, half of the buildings we live in are water-damaged in this or that way and since we all spend a lot of time indoors, whether it’s in our home or office, we need to learn how to lower the presence of mold.

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

According to Ritchie Shoemaker, author of 8 books on mold defined CIRS as an acute and chronic systematic inflammatory response acquired after exposure to a water-damaged building with resident toxigenic organisms, including fungi, bacteria, etc. Unfortunately, as Shoemaker asserts, 24% of people are unable to produce antibody responses and they make up the 95% of people who have an illness related to water-damaged buildings.

This means that there are people who are more prone to mold and their bodies cannot recognize certain toxins as toxins, such as mold, and they recirculate in the body and lead to a persistent inflammatory response.

How Is CIRS Diagnosed

Abnormalities detected through VCS tests
Genetic predisposition
History, symptoms, and signs of biotoxin exposure
Biomarkers consistent with the abnormalities specific to CIRS

How to Get Rid of Mold

Test the presence of mold by hiring an environmental professional or through an ERMI test. If the test is positive, you should consult a clinician trained in the Shoemaker Protocol. Previous Page

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