Type A Finger
-You like to be melancholic and you often hide your feelings. Sometimes you know to present yourself as more independent and stronger than you really are.
-You are quite an emotional person. Once you get to know people, you are very nice to them.
-You hate hypocrisy, lies, and deception, so you are a fair person.
-You don’t show much emotion, so you appear as a strong and cool person, though you’re not.

-You can be seen as an arrogant and a little eccentric person.
-A big-hearted and helpful person. You don’t have problem completing given tasks even if you don’t like them.
-You are a person who likes to laugh all the time, even to something not seen as very funny by others. Your -expressions can reveal all of your thoughts.
-You are overemotional towards the people you love, but cold towards those that you are not very close to.

Type B Finger
-Usually, you are not the first that approaches to people.
-You are an incredibly loyal person. You devote your full attention to the person you love, thinking about him/her all the time.
-Although you don’t appear to be very sensitive, you are indeed an extremely sensitive person. This is because -sometimes you pretend to know nothing just to protect someone else’s feelings.

-You are a very resolute person, and if you decide to do something, you will keep trying until you eventually succeed.
-Although you might pretend to be totally fine when alone, you actually aren’t, because you are afraid of being hurt.
-You have a strong self-control to stay calm even if you feel very uneasy about some situation.
-Even though you have a soft heart and can be easily hurt, you present yourself as a strong and independent person that tends to speak harshly
-You are always imagining things, like the person that will understand, love, and satisfy all of your needs.

Type C Finger
-You are the type of person who easily gets touched.
-You don’t hold grudges so you often forget about things that used to make you angry.
-You simply don’t like unfamiliar things so you don’t want to deal with them. In other words, you are not a fan of challenges.
-You always respect the opinion of others.

-Sometimes, you can be overbearing. During a fight with someone, your ego can be very high. However, after the quarrel, you are the first one who apologizes.
-You tend to keep your problems and feelings only to yourself.
-You hate pretending, and you always know what you want. You like when others depend on you.

-You are a very soft-hearted person, so if someone apologizes to you about something, you will forgive him/her without having second thoughts. You simply can’t stand when you are in fight with a close person for a longer period.

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