Our body is such a complex system, that can work normally even though, for instance, kidneys are not working at their best. For this precise reason, many kidney problems occur without being noticed, until they become very serious.Plus all this, there are daily habits that contribute to the aggravation of one`s health.
Everyday Routines That Damage Your Health

We took kidneys as the best example, since their importance for the organism is crucial.They filter our blood, absorb minerals, produce urine.Without any of its functions, we would not be capable to strive a good life.In conclusion, they must be protected by avoiding some of the harmful habits we might have.
Drinking soda
By drinking soda we increase the risk of suffering from kidney disease.At least this is what a Japanese researcher showed.And we know that Japanese are to be trusted.
You don’t consume enough vitamin B6
Give your organism vitamins and minerals.By doing so, you will conserve your kidneys too, but avoid too much of the vitamin B6, which increases the risk of kidney stones.
You lack magnesium
Another manner in which kidney stones are likely to appear is when the organism lacks magnesium.
If you do not have enough magnesium in the body, calcium is not absorbed properly and kidney stones occur. You can prevent this problem by consuming green leafy vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts.
Smoking increases the risk of artery sclerosis. According to a study, two cigarettes a day are enough to double the number of endothelial cells and to affect the arteries.
Not practicing sports
Women in menopause are most exposed to the risk of kidney stones if they do not practice sports..
Not drinking enough water
The kidneys must be well hydrated to function normally. If you do not drink enough water, toxins accumulate in the blood. Specialists recommended to consume 12 glasses of water per day.

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